The Days That Would Never Come… Arriving Now!


My birthday was always at the very beginning of the school year if not the very first day of school (yes, it was a suckfest, thanks for asking). One good thing about having a birthday like that is that I remember many of my initial days at school with shocking clarity.

Turning double digits in 1982 truly stands out because there was a crazy lunar eclipse that summer and my science teacher couldn’t wait to talk to us about it. She was so excited because not only did we get the longest lunar eclipse of the 20th century but we would have Halley’s Comet in our future too.

She went on to explain Halley’s Coment was due to come in 1986 and that we were very special because we would get to see it and it wasn’t going to come around again for nearly 75 years.

In 1982 you may as well have taken 1986 and chucked it in the river. We couldn’t see past recess but she was trying to stoke a fire of curiosity about something that would happen when I was 14 and a big kid… good luck with that. 1986 is NEVER going to come… at least not in the eyes of a precocious 10 year old. I remember going out to recess with my 10 year old friends and having a conversation that I will never forget.

We talked about things that seemed so far reaching and absolutely impossible that they were never going to happen. Halley’s Comet in 1986 was deemed crazy talk.Then figuring out we would graduate from high school in 1990 (OMG)…just changing the suffix made it seem so much further away. So impossible, that 1990 was never going to come either. Another absolute never. Since 1990 seemed so far away the year 2000 was a mystery that we would never reach and this was far before the Y2K fiasco. Never. Never ever.

But, somehow, the years drift and those “nevers” that we were so adamant about kept coming along and we kept surpassing them. I did start driving, 1990 surely came by, I did have children, and the year 2000 rushed in without a hitch.

I thought of that day in September 1982, sitting on the playground talking with my friends about the “nevers” this weekend when I was helping my daughter get ready for her Homecoming Dance. Holding the tiny infant in my hands in 1994, I thought the day would never come that she would be in high school.

That day has arrived.

Just watching her get ready showed me that there’s only so much I can control and time is not one of them. But more than the future or the past, I will take each moment as they are given to me and treasure them like time has stopped for just that fleeting moment for me to enjoy.

Here’s a couple of those fleeting moments for you to enjoy:

Darienne’s Homecoming 2008

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