25 Random Things (My Facebook Post! Scandalous!)


I was tagged on Facebook ( my new BFF) to write 25 Random  Things About Me. This tag on MySpace is usually 10 things so this is long but if you are reading this you are among the faithful who have weathered my over-blogging/under-blogging schedule of late. If you need a dose of good ol’ me… hit me up on Facebook but I will still try to be more present here!

Anyway…. here are the 25 Things I posted on Facebook today!

1. I understand intimately what the Buddha meant by “Everywhere you go, there you are.”

2. I think there’s no sexier trait than intelligence. Because what it
all boils down to is that I don’t care how hot he is because if I can’t
talk to him… he’s useless.

3. I renounced Facebook for a long time and refused to get one forever
pledging my undying allegiance to MySpace… now I see that it’s not
only the digital equivalent to crack, I have also rediscovered –
joyfully — many people and elements of my past. Screw MySpace.

4. I’ve written nearly 300 blogs on MySpace and even though they are
all backed up I will probably keep the page there as long as they let
me. So maybe I should retract my “screw MySpace” statement in item #3.

5. The song “Wonder” by Natalie Merchant is the song that I have for my
daughter and I nearly cry when I listen to it alone and work hard to
choke back tears when I sing it. The song “Blessed” by Elton John is
the song that I have for my son and I never thought to sing it and
recently did and now it makes it even more special to me. I’m curious
if other people have songs for their children…

6. I used to write & direct drag shows and it was probably the most fun I’ve had in my years of entertainment.

7.I’ve always been afraid of doing drugs. I was terrified of becoming
addicted. I once threw a party called the Cosmos & Cosmetology
party and all my friends from the restaurant I worked in came. I asked
that no one smoke weed in my house and at one point the entire party
went outside except for me and this guy Tyrone and were like WOW. Out
of 30 people there are only 2 of us in here now.

8. I work in finance… and that should surprise pretty much anyone who knows me.

9. I’m usually considered very outgoing and extroverted but I consider myself to be quite an inward person.

10. I got my first (and only) tattoo just before my 26th birthday and
got into a bar fight the following day. Everyone insists that my tattoo
made me one of “those people.” I insist that it was the bitch who put
her hands on me that turned me into one of “those people” who defend
themselves. That should be a blog (mental note: blog about Birthday

11. If you can’t wait for the blog, I kicked her ass, but it was her fault.

12. I taught myself to sew when I moved into an apartment in Griswold,
CT in 1997 and there was a super old, all steel Mondernage machine in
the closet that worked. It was a rough couple of years but now I
consider myself a rather accomplished seamstress.

13. I have recently introduced pattern making into my sewing skills and
I LOVE it. It adds a form of technical mechanics to creativity.

14. I believe that math rules the world. There’s a new commercial that
has a bunch of scientists saying the things that I have always said
about math like “Anything is possible with math.” I love that

15. If anyone sees Mr. Capalbo or Mr. Dougherty, please kindly inform them that they were right.

16. I tend to have a strong opinion on many things and usually have no
problem voicing it. There was a day when a girl that never uttered a
word in high school took a stand against something that I said and I
couldn’t believe it. Marjorie Graby – you gave me a super life lesson
that day… and you were right. I’ve often talked about that day and
what you taught me. Thanks!

17. Speaking of Mr. Capalbo… he gave me a graduation card with a $20
bill in it the night before graduation at the rehearsal and I was so
surprised I fell into the trench across the street from our High School
in full cap and gown. My best friend Jess couldn’t help me for 5 solid
minutes because she was laughing so hard.

18. A few psychics have told me that I am going to live well into my
90s and keep my wits about me. Even if it’s bullshit, that has kept me
going through some pretty trying times in my life.

19. If I could name one woman who I admire it would have to be… my
daughter. Darienne possess a sense of self that is unmatched. She is
bright, entertaining, eclectic, and an incredible friend to her peers.
I have learned much from her in her 14 years and I’ve even forgiven her
for the arduous 55 hour labor that she inflicted upon me. =)

20. My son was born on Christmas Eve and the story is almost pregnancy
folklore. His labor was a blissful 15 minutes and he’s been speeding
around ever since. I look in his eyes and I see the potential of the
world in him. He is the living embodiment of “It’s not the size of the
dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.”

21. I once made my son do push ups every time he heard his baby cousin
cry and didn’t tell him until the end of the day after countless push
ups the reason I did it was so that he could feel how often babies cry
and why I don’t want any more babies. He hasn’t asked for a baby
brother since. =)

22. I’m a smack talker. I will talk smack about anything. Even if I
have never ever played a particular game I will talk smack about
beating you at it. If I met Serena Williams I would probably tell her
that I could kick her ass in tennis… and that have better fashion
sense. It’s just what I do. Meet my brothers and sisters and you will
see that it’s a learned behavior and we love it.

23. I wrote a play that I always wanted to produce and this year I am
going to get it going. Even if I have to put on in my condo parking
lot, I need to have this play shown. I love the story and it proves
that sometimes happy endings are always Disney “happy.”

24. I think that Facebook will allow me to let some very key people of
my past know just how much they have meant to me over the years and
show them as well.

25. Speaking of admiring women… my sister has always functioned at a
speed unknown to humans. She’s taken on more responsibilities than most
mere mortals could share amongst a committee… college basketball
coach, kids football coach, kids basketball coach, school committee…
She’s been able to get her masters degree, work full time, keep a
relationship for 16 years and raise 4 amazingly gifted children in the
same 24 hours a day we all get. If you know Ramona, you know she’s
incredible. Nothings changed, she’s still an All Star and I totally admire her.

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