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Today on Live & Uncensored (10pm ET) we are doing a show called How to Break a Heart and I can’t help but think of all the hubaloo surrounding the Jon & Kate fiasco. There are so many layers of issues of with this situation that it’s hard to focus on just one thing.

I’d like to note that child stars have had their share of issues over the years and very few have come out unscathed emotionally, physically, or financially. One theme that seemed present with child stars was the attachment to their character and people never knowing them for who they really are.

Gary Coleman in Dustin Diamond in

I look at Gary Coleman and I still think “What you talking ’bout, Willis?” It’s hard to separate the adorable character of my youth from the adult with several issues to work out. Dustin Diamond has been known to cuss out people for referring to him as his Saved by the Bell’s Screech character. As much as we loved Screech, he wants to be known for being Dustin and all the good and bad that goes with being yourself.

So, Jon and Kate Plus 8 opened with the record breaking cable numbers and the network ordered a double of the episodes for this season. They may as well have called the show Jon & Kate Plus H8 because people aren’t flocking to the show to watch a well adjusted family deal with raising two sets of multiples; they are trying to witness the destruction.

A family in peril with 8 children caught in the crossfire among accusations of infidelity, exploitation of children, and many other ugly allegations. People who have never once watched the show when it was really about raising multiples are now watching to see the fall out.

If child stars had it bad by being recognized for their characters and not themselves, what will happen to these kids? Being raised by reality television doesn’t provide these children the protection of a character. We are being shown these kids as exactly who they are with no barrier, no scripts, and no cute and fuzzy catchline we will remember for years.

Doing a web radio show that is very much LIVE & UNCENSORED, I have no idea what the listeners will bring to How To Break A Heart tonight. I just know that the way NOT to break someone’s heart is on a cable network with millions of people watching your children getting their hearts broken in the process.

How To Break A Heart

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