Banning Jon & Kate For the Sake of the 8!


Everyone asked me if I was going to watch it. There’s a big announcement. Whoo… (add ominous sounds here). I calmly replied that I had no interest in watching Jon & Kate + Their Big Announcement. If it were truly a life decision and they felt it was such a big deal then they wouldn’t have shopped it on the air like they did. There were numerous accounts of Jon speaking to fans over the weekend and telling them to watch the show the find out what the announcement will be. There’s nothing like shopping your divorce for ratings. Ugh!

Of all this madness, I find that the announcement that they are divorcing was as obvious as the day is long. The shocking part came when they announced that they will continue to do the show. What fun for the viewers of Jon & Kate + 8! They get to witness the tiny meltdowns of their children for a few years!

I remember seeing kids in school when they discovered that their parents were getting divorced. It was brutal for them. The pain was something that you could just feel emanating from them. It required a lot of time to work through what was happening and I don’t think they ever truly heal from it.

Now, for the sake of television, Jon and Kate will expose the pain their children will feel from their divorce to 10 million viewers each week. We will get to witness the bitterness, the anger, the blame, and the fear of the unknown with these kids. We will watch them wonder if it was their fault, wonder when Daddy will come visit or when Mommy will start dating again. None of this seems appropriate for television and I think that we should be ashamed of ourselves for even watching this.

What is our fascination with people raising multiples? Here’s what my friend Karl put on his Facebook yesterday: Karl is wondering how many shows about little people and couples with multiples can you really have? I mean come on, at what point does is it just get ridiculous. What they need to do is find a family that had octuplets, and they were all little people and get it over with. You know it’s coming…

I think it’s time that we allowed this couple to go and handle their business and raise their family without us. Divorce is hard enough, doing it in front of 75 cameras for “the family job” is ridiculous.

I’m banning Jon & Kate for the sake of the 8. I hope you do too.

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