The Mourning of a Molester?


Everyone remembers the day they saw the Moonwalk. Watching it live was one of the most amazing things of my life. Michael Jackson was the epitome of cool. He had it all. Blockbuster superstardom at 11 years old that he managed to maintain and masterfully become a stand out solo artist. Not an easy trick, indeed!

I’ve written blogs about child stars before and the pressure on them to try to maintain stardom as adults and it seems like so few are able to do it and even fewer are able to do it without completely derailing their lives in the process. Danny Bonaduce, anyone? It has to be incredibly hard to grow up with the nation looking at you and judging you and taking opportunities to exploit you. Which brings me to the topic of this blog.

I’ve been asked the question many times of the past few days about my thoughts on Michael Jackson. One person wrote this to me:

“I keep wondering… regardless of musical “genius” or “talent” or what have you… is it requisite that I mourn a child molester? Am I the only one who does not feel horribly for his death? Seriously?”

Another friend on my Facebook wrote in her status update:

“can’t get over the news this morning. people are “mourning” the passing of an abuser?”

So here are my thoughts on this very sensitive and very touchy topic.

I think that calling Michael Jackson eccentric would be an understatement. I think that his life has been the product of never knowing who you are but trying to find it in the most unbelievable ways. He never wanted to grow up but in reality he never had a childhood and tried to reclaim it by building Neverland, consorting with chimps, and hanging out with little kids.

Do I think he’s a molester? I have no idea but I do know that his lifestyle made it easy for those types of allegations. Are there people out there that knew that Michael Jackson was an extremely rich man? Yes. Would that make some people try to take advantage of that? Definitely.

After the first molestation trial I was horrified. I couldn’t believe that my childhood idol could even be accused of something like that. He fell from grace and he fell hard. My thoughts of MJ started to change after the second trial. It wouldn’t have mattered how much I loved his music, how much I thought he was a great guy, my children would have NEVER, EVER slept at Neverland; especially after the first trial. But parents still did. It was like an easy opportunity. Ultimately, he was acquitted of all charges both times. He was allowed to have his own children raised by him. He has stepped out of the media spotlight and have kept his children out of it.

Should we mourn a molester? By the law he’s not a molester but by what he has contributed to music, videos, and dancers he is a musical genius and deserves my mourning.

Goodbye Michael!
You have created a legacy that will live forever.

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