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In doing research for last week’s show on Internet Addiction I discovered a tidbit of information that I thought was pretty interesting. It seems as though people in the US are pretty hot for… their web access. In a survey completed by Harris Interactive in November 2008, found that out of 2,119 adults that 46% of the women rather give up sex for two weeks than part with their precious internet.

Um, can I say: WHAT THE HELL? Can I please have the names of the nearly 1,000 people who apparently have never had decent sex not one day in their lives to let them know the gravity of their mistake?

Seriously, I love the internet just as much as the next person and it would
be nearly impossible for me to work without the convenience of the good ol’ interwebz but I would be damned if I were to ditch two great weeks of yummy goodness for my Facebook!

It isn’t really all about SEX as it’s about human contact and personal relationships. I know that I have met some people on the internet who have changed my life in so many positive and productive ways that would have never happened without my internet access. I know that I did spent a couple of years in a bit of a digital cocoon after a really bad relationship. I know that I spend a decent amount of time online.

I also know that human contact can be one of the greatest and most beautiful things a person can encounter. ┬áIf asked what I would do, I would plan on it being difficult not being connected to the world via Twitter, Facebook, and Google; but it’s far greater to be connected here:

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