Cameron Douglas: Rich & Stupid


Can someone please explain to me why rich people can be so damn stupid? I just don’t understand the lure of some of the decisions that people make when they have the choice to not make them. Let me explain.

I understand that desperation can make a person do crazy things; it can make an honest person steal and a prideful person beg. How does one reach that level of desperation? Poverty. Stealing to feed your children or begging to avoid eviction is something that I can see – not necessarily condone – but I can understand.

So what the hell am I talking about?
Cameron Douglas, son of legendary actor/producer Michael Douglas and grandson of super-legendary Kirk Douglas has been arrested yet again for selling a POUND of crystal meth to an informant.

As I’m sitting here typing this I feel my blood pressure rising. This is a man who had the ability to do anything he wanted in this world by virtue of his birthright. He was born into a successful and well established family that seems to take family and the family industry seriously.

Although I have no proof, I can’t imagine them being anything but supportive of a lawful endeavor that he would want to pursue. He was even included in the movie “It Runs In The Family” with the famous Douglas’. He sucked in that movie and they could have found a more talented actor to play the role but they settled on Cameron because he’s family. Please note that I cannot prove that either but just watch the movie and you will see how badly he sucked.

Now, according to this article, Cameron is facing 10 years to life for distribution of methamphetamines. Kirk Douglas grew up in poverty and had to scratch and earn his way to movie fame. He will be 93 on his next birthday in December and it’s sad he lived to see this.

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