Can You Hear Me Now – Part One


Every Saturday I will be posting a blog from my past blogging sites here on for the Saturday Rewind series. This blog was originally posted on June 26, 2007, on MySpace. My daughter is now nearly 15 years old but this day – four months shy of her 13th birthday – was definitely a coming of age moment from both of us. Enjoy! — Regina

I did it. I broke down. She broke me with her logic. Damn!

This weekend I did what I thought I had 2 years to do. I got my daughter a cell phone. I know what you are thinking… she’s only 12. Every time this question has come up in my house it has been thwarted with the “You’re too young” or the “Can you tell me 5 minutes of your life when you are completely alone and in need of assistance?” They always worked.

That is until now.

My daughter is, in fact, 12 years old facing 13 in just a couple of months. She has traveled down south to visit her father and grandparents practically every year since she was 2 years old and has been flying alone since she was 7. She is a little woman of the world.

Last year, between time zone differences and what not I had a hard time reaching her to just talk. By the time she got home it was later here and we missed her several times.

I also wanted to avoid calling everywhere to find out where she was as her grandparents take her to every family member’s home because she is only there in the summer.

This year things have changed. She is getting older, sometimes a little wiser, sometimes not. But she has established friendships and those friendships are changing. They are becoming more meaningful. She wants to spend time with her friends in the summer too, especially since we live on the coast.

She feels disconnected.

I thought about her connectivity and I could understand her argument. Just when I thought I had the most mature 12.85 year old in the world she added “And all my friends have one!”

Solidifying that she is 12 with mini-moments of lucidity.
I asked her to call all of her friends and ask what service they had. Out of her closest 14 friends all but 2 had Verizon. I don’t have Verizon. It was a tough realization: she will call them a million times more than she will call me.

We went to Verizon together, just the two of us and took our time. She wanted a camera since she will be traveling and I could appreciate that. She looked around and for the first time saw what things really cost. It was a nice lesson. For a long time I got the feeling both of my children thought I went out back and plucked 20s from the Money Tree. Then I dropped the biggest bomb: once we got the phone we needed to get the service.

Her:We have to pay for something else?

I secretly love it when she talks like she is contributing to the cause. “We” have to pay, like she has a job.

Me: Yes, we have to pay for the phone, the service every month, and the activation. Then the accessories.

Her: What?

Me: Welcome to my life!

Her: This is so expensive.

Me: Not if we do it right BUT there are many chores to assist you…

So we finally get what we need. The salesman asks if we have any questions.

Her: Is it going to work when we leave?

Sales guy: Yes, it will be charged and ready to go.

Her: So I could call my friends, like, right away?

Sales guy:Right away, no problem.

She smiles this smile that I have never seen. As he hands her the little blue camera phone and hands me the receipt it was like she was crossing into another phase of her life. She became a teen. Even though she has 4 months until her birthday catches up with the smile on her face, she became a teenager at that moment.

As we walk out of the store she tells me she loves me. We say it to each other daily but this time it was touched with the sincerity of child that feels like a woman.

To Be Continued…
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