Hot Pants, Heels, and Hose!


Yesterday while hanging with Jeff’s parent’s someone had the fantastic idea to get ice cream. It was only 80 degrees at 8pm so the conditions were perfect to ruin my diet and exercise regimen with ice cream. We head over to this cute place out in bucolic northern Rhode Island that used to be a gun powder mill during the revolutionary war. It sits across from a lake and there were mosquitoes as big as Christmas ornaments (not really) and a spider that looked like a tarantula (ok, still exaggerating) so I had the bright idea that we go inside to the air conditioned (and hopefully bug free) interior.

We go inside and there’s a woman in front of me that made me chuckle. She had a fairly decent body but she was wearing stark white hot pants, an equally white and ill-fitting jacket, sky high heels, and panty hose! WHAT? Since she was in line in front of me I couldn’t help but notice that the back of her head was loaded with hair that was a dry as a hay field from decades of over processing and it wasn’t sure if it wanted to be grey, blond, or rescued. She was a hot mess… then she turned around. To add insult to the injury of her horrible Rhode Island summer wear she was about 75 years old. Not kidding. Complete with the lipstick that is only reserved for shaky- handed substitute teachers.

Um, what the hell? I understand wanting to look good at any age. I understand wanting to grow old gracefully. I can’t understand trying to capture the look you had in the mid 60’s now. I can’t understand risking the pain of breaking a hip because you wanted to wear 4 inch heels on a cobble stone parking lot to get ice cream. I can’t understand wearing hose in the super heat of summer to prevent the varicose veins in your legs from looking like a relief map of the NYC subway system.

Seriously, is there such a thing as age appropriate style?

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