Life Lessons in Lasagna

My First Lasagna!
A few months ago I was researching for something at work and I came across an article that gave me a true to life Oprah “A ha” moment. It was an article about how disorganization can be borne from perfectionism.

At first I thought somebody lost their mind because there is no way that “perfection” and “disorganization” could possibly be related. I must say that I was interested and even though it sounded crazy I read on. Not only did I read on; but with every word I kept seeing more and more of myself in what was written.

The article was about how perfectionists can have messy desks because their desire to have it perfect would lead to thoughts like this:

I don’t have time to clean it, dust it and organize it now so I will do it later. (Later comes much later.)

I couldn’t believe it. I really think like that. I always said that I was an all or nothing kind of person. If I can’t do it the way it needs to be done I would just as soon not do it at all. It’s either absolutely perfect or a hot damn mess.

A ha!

My lack of starting something if I can’t do it perfectly is definitely something but I think it’s harder for me if I start something and it doesn’t go perfectly. My brother is a personal trainer. I’ve had a personal issue with my weight most of my life. He had me enroll in his Weight Loss Challenge and I thought it would be a good thing since I needed to inspiration to get back out there in really start running again.

Well I went and the first week I lost 5 pounds. W00t! It wasn’t even that hard. Great. The next week I stayed even. I was surprised. How did the week before go so smoothly and I lost more weight than when I really tried? The next week I gained a pound. In my head I know that I should just continue and rebound and take it. I can see that much like my messy desk, if I can’t kick ass at it all the time… my interest and desire wane.

What does this have to do with the lasagna? Today I read another article about perfection and when a person always has high expectations that when they don’t reach those lofty goals (like 5lb weight losses) they tend to fail more often. In the article it said that sometimes we have to give ourselves a break and not set such high goals and learn to enjoy the smaller milestones along the way.

Still wondering about the lasagna? I made a lasagna for the first time in my life today. I’m not much of a cook but I felt inspired by Jeff’s amazing sauce that I could handle it. It’s just like putting a puzzle together I told myself.

Since I rarely cook, I felt some pressure to make sure that this was the BEST LASAGNA ever on Earth! I put the noodles down, the meat, the provolone, the sauce, the mozzarella, the noodles, the meat, the provolone, the DAMN! I forgot the ricotta on the first layer. Seriously, the first thought in my head was to THROW IT OUT. I wanted to take it and trash it and start again. It’s not practical to toss a lasagna because of one layer of missing ricotta.

Ah ha!

My lasagna is not going to be any less perfect because the ricotta is missing on that layer. It doesn’t have to be the best lasagna ever on Earth. I will be the best lasagna I’ve ever made, by virtue of the fact that I’ve never made one before.

Today, I’m not only celebrating the birth of my first lasagna but also the birth of a new method of thinking where I can take some of the pressure off of myself and revel in the glory of the baby steps to reaching my goals. I will return to the weight loss challenge even if I didn’t have a perfect week or a perfect month.

The only thing I will mourn are the two pieces of lasagna noodles that slipped down the side of the stove. A moment of silence, please.

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