Welcoming 2010


I love a new year. I love the potential that exists on a clean slate. I love the anticipation of what’s to come. However, New Year’s Resolutions are the bane of my existence.

For nearly 30 years I have agonized over resolutions. Will it be another year of starting something I am doomed to fail? Will it disappoint me for the year? Will it be the same one’s I’ve always had:

Lose Weight
Save Money

I always start, like everyone else, with the best of intentions… like the way fitness centers are always packed in January. Yet, I tend to lose track and focus when things aren’t 100% to plan and those “things” can be anything. The past 365 days was such an upheaval of change for me both personally and professionally. I discovered that the upheaval itself can be both positive and negative and that your attitude and view of things can truly make a difference.

In light of this, I want to take my resolutions to a whole new level. I’ve asked other people what their resolutions will be this year and I liked the way that many of them handled it. It seemed like welcoming something new instead of trying to fix something bad. I’ve decided that this year I will do just that. I will gently welcome new things into my life in 2010.

NYR 2010

1. I will welcome the joy that I receive from running back into my life and try to get at least two other people to experience that joy. 2009 was such a period of change for me and I stopped running forgetting that I could have benefitted from the mental clarity and feeling of accomplishment I get from it.

2. I will speak highly of my body. For years I have beat myself up for the way my body looks neglecting the fact that only I can change it. It didn’t matter if I was tipping the scales well over 300 or to my all time low of 130 and every size in between it was never good enough or worthy of praise. No more. I will love every graceful curve and every single inch of this body. This body has carried two amazing children, completed a half marathon, received millions of hugs from people I love and bears the scars of my great memories and adventures. This body is mine and worthy of celebration.

3. I will be more fearless. I have a tendency to let my fear of the unknown keep from truly experiencing things fully. Fear can be a prison and I breaking out in 2010. Fear is linked with trust. I’ve learned to trust more so I know that this year I can fear less.

4. I will be a better friend on every level to family and friends the same and make nurturing the relationships I have with them as my highest priority.

5. I will write down everyday the one phrase that always seems to get me motivated: “A year from now, you’ll wish you started today.” And remember this story: What You Feed

2010 is a welcoming. I am welcoming not tying my well-being to the size of my jeans. Welcoming the opportunity that exists in challenges and welcoming saying goodbye to fear and hello to action.

What are you welcoming?

About the Author

Regina Foster Bartlett is a mother of two teenagers who recently married her soulmate and believes her favorite wedding gift was the addition of four stepchildren and four grandchildren! She’s a confessed tech-nerd who loves all things social media. She’s also a published freelance writer and she’s been blogging since before blogging was cool. She's the voice behind the radio broadcast and writer behind this blog. Always on the lookout for interesting stories she can be reached by emailing: regina@reginasuniverse.com or using the Contact form by clicking the link above.