A Right to Rape? NEVER!


Sometimes things are just so disturbing that you need to take a moment to let it sink in before you can put it into words. Last night on my webcast Regina’s Universe: Live & Uncensored we were just over an hour into our conversation on Fighting Fair when one of those disturbing moments occured.

When you do a live show you never can tell what’s going to happen next and you get your fair share of crazy people calling in to comment. Last night I took a call from a man who has called in before and he’s known to have strong opinions. He was making some comments that were getting misongynistic about how all fights are started by women in relationships and I did my best to defend my point of view and still respect the fact that he had an opinion even if I didn’t agree with it. Then he said something that was just so out of line that I couldn’t believe it.

He said: “If a girl comes to my house, she’s safe. I won’t kiss her if she doesn’t want to kiss her or fondle her if she doesn’t want. But all that goes out the door if she goes into my bedroom.”

I was STUNNED. I told him that I don’t care if I was begging him to touch me all night long that I soon as I said NO then all bets were off. He completely disagreed even when I said that what he was saying constitutes RAPE. He tried to even further say that my viewpoint is part of the “problem.”

As a woman, as a mother, and as a human being I cannot begin to express how  much this disturbed me. For anyone to believe that a woman no longer has rights because she entered his bedroom is appalling. I can’t imagine how many women may have been harmed at the hands of this man or any others who believe the same as he does.

After I dressed him down I hung up on him. In over 2 years of live programming and hundreds of shows I have only deliberately hung up on a person one time before this and if the situation was to happen all over again I would act the same way.

What do you think of his comments? Did you listen to the show?

About the Author

Regina Foster Bartlett is a mother of two teenagers who recently married her soulmate and believes her favorite wedding gift was the addition of four stepchildren and four grandchildren! She’s a confessed tech-nerd who loves all things social media. She’s also a published freelance writer and she’s been blogging since before blogging was cool. She's the voice behind the radio broadcast and writer behind this blog. Always on the lookout for interesting stories she can be reached by emailing: regina@reginasuniverse.com or using the Contact form by clicking the link above.