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One of my favorite shows is The Office on NBC. The reason I like it is because the boss of Dunder Mifflin, Michael Scott, is a complete buffoon who thinks he’s the greatest boss in the world. He’s an idiot and everyone else seems to know it but part of the fun and most of his charm comes from how oblivious he is to everything. I can laugh at Michael Scott on television but if he were my boss I would most likely dream of pushing him over a cliff.

We’ve all had some crazy bosses, I’m sure. Maybe not quite Michael Scott crazy – but crazy enough. Just to prove that this is true our friends from People of Walmart have created a new site That’s My Boss that is hilarious. It’s a website where you can submit your own stories of your horrendous bosses but don’t worry your story is completely confidential and will never be disclosed.  Luke Wherry, one of the creators of the websites, will be joining us on Regina’s Universe: Live & Uncensored on Monday, March 1st to discuss That’s My Boss, You Drive What and of course People of Walmart!

Go to the site and let loose. Tell the world about your boss and if you think  your story is truly hilarious or outrageous then we want to hear it on the show for a chance to win People of Walmart t-shirts and a $25 Visa Gift Card! Check out the show Monday, March 1st at 10pm ET and call in your story to 646.716.8825 and you can even click to talk directly to the show from your computer using a headset and mic.

Got a crazy story? Funny submission? Check out the site and if you think you can do better than that call it in and throw it past the creators for a chance to WIN!!

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