Corey Haim – No Longer Lost

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In America it seems that anyone can be a star these days. Reality programming has made that possible more than ever before. It’s true, we are a nation obsessed with celebrity and now “celebreality.” This wasn’t always the case. When I was younger our only hope of being on television was local news coverage or if you somehow managed to get on Teen Jeopardy.

We still had movie stars. Legitimate movie stars. We loved their looks, their glamour, and everyone wanted to be them. In 1987,  I was in high school and I remember seeing The Lost Boys. The movie was incredible. It starred Corey Haim and Corey Feldman also known as The Two Coreys. I remember looking up Corey Haim because he was young, hot, and a movie star. Then I noticed  that we were the same age. I wondered what cosmic shift in the Universe could have occured that I was sitting in my kitchen attemping my math homework and this kid’s on a red carpet somewhere. I remember feeling it was so unfair that some kids got stardom and others got trigonometry.

I didn’t know in 1987, I was blessed with trigonometry. I knew it in the years following when The Two Coreys became falling stars. Consumed by their failing celebrity, unable to get work, and turning to drugs to numb out. They were once on top of the world and even tried to get it back through reality television and to no avail.

We were the same age in 1987, and we are the same age now when I woke up this morning to discover that Corey Haim accidently overdosed and died in Burbank, CA. It’s still amazing to me. He was someone who went as high as life could take him –  literally and figuratively – and he is now gone.  All that talent, all that promise, all that hope….

Lindsay Lohan, are you listening?

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