Where The Hell Have I Been?


My blogs have become more and more inconsistent lately. I used to blog several times a week and over the past few months it’s declined to nearly one or twice a month. Where the hell have I been? Let me tell you: I’ve been less than inspired which may mean that my life is heading in a good direction since most of my blogging was exploiting what pissed me off on any given day. I’ve also been quite busy with several new ventures that have taken up quite a bit of my time. But since you are my among my faithful, I should be sharing this with you anyway.

The biggest news to come into my life is that Jeff officially asked me to marry him. I say “officially” because when Jeff and I were only together a month he expressed his interest in marrying me and I knew then that we would eventually be married. It’s been over 18 months since we first met and we’ve lived together for a year. In the past  year that we have lived together we were hit with so many changes and challenges that it proves that when times are joyous it’s very easy to love and be loved. It means so much more when you can love and be loved in the face of extreme changes and obstacles. Through everything we have been a team and have fallen more and more in love everyday… something I truly never thought possible. So planning my fall 2011 wedding has definitely taken a chunk of my time…. blissfully.

Another big venture has been my weight loss journey. I’ve tried every possible means of losing weight over the past 30 years and have met many with great success… for a while. I seem to get on board with enthusiasm and it works well until anything happens to throw me off track. Once I’m off track it takes a mountain to get me back on track. I’ve easily gained and lost well over a thousand pounds in the past decade, seriously. I started a program last January that was wonderful but highly restrictive. All was fine until they closed the center and we were moving and I just couldn’t maintain without it. After months of slowly gaining I decided to tackle my weight loss in a new way: Weight Watchers. I don’t need a “diet.” I need a damn lifestyle change that teaches me proper eating habits, portion control, and balance it with real life situations and solutions. I’ve found that with WW. There really isn’t anything you can’t eat, you just have to make sure that you get the right point value for it and allocate it. I like having daily accountability and even though I shirk at the thought of me in a room with a bunch of humans I don’t know, I find I really like the meetings. If you’re on WW and want to hang with me in the community over there where I have been (and will continue to) blog daily click HERE.  Oh, and be sure to read my first blog which explains my decision to join WW and how it has nothing to do with my wedding but a far different event.

The last venture I’ve been working on is my radio show. I know it seems so different from years past but I’m working on several changes for 2010 that include streaming the show live and broadcasting from events. We had several audio challenges last year when we tried to do it in testing but now we seem to be on track with equipment and I will actually have some live assistants that will be helping make this a reality this year. I’m also starting a new venture with the show on a different night with a different platform but don’t worry, Monday nights will always be for Live & Uncensored! More information on this will be available in the coming weeks so keep your eye out.

As you can see things are shaping up all over the place from my radio show to the jiggle on my arms and my impending nuptials.  Keep with me and I promise to blog more regularlyand keep you informed!

About the Author

Regina Foster Bartlett is a mother of two teenagers who recently married her soulmate and believes her favorite wedding gift was the addition of four stepchildren and four grandchildren! She’s a confessed tech-nerd who loves all things social media. She’s also a published freelance writer and she’s been blogging since before blogging was cool. She's the voice behind the radio broadcast and writer behind this blog. Always on the lookout for interesting stories she can be reached by emailing: regina@reginasuniverse.com or using the Contact form by clicking the link above.