Foursquare and Robberies


The internet is a hotbed of incredible potential. I love the many things that this series of wires, signals, and genius have brought my way. I love that I can truly unlock my door with my phone or shut my lights off. I can scan bar codes in the supermarket and it will tell me where to find the best deal locally for the product I want. I love that Twitter gets me news and information faster than CNN and that everything is accessible.

What I don’t understand is foursquare. This seemingly cool little website allows people to check in at different places. I’m seeing more and more foursquare integration on Facebook. It looks like “Regina has checked into Stop & Shop in Providence, RI.” Okay, that’s convenient if someone else is in Stop & Shop and needs to talk to me directly… but how often does that happen? Just call me freakos, really.

When I first saw this the person who was checking in at the supermarket was one of my friends on Facebook and I know he  lives alone. So basically he was telling me and everyone else to go and rob his house. He’s not home and he just got there gives you plenty of time. I just don’t get it. It’s like a website/app/Facebook integration for STALKERS. Don’t people get arrested for this?

Now, some celebrities are getting into foursquare and I don’t get that either. Let’s start a riot at the Silver Springs Galleria when Mario Lopez trips through there and checks in for the world to see. Considering Justin Bieber’s manager just got arrested for not twittering fast enough it seems ridiculous to do this.

I want 5 benefits to foursquare… anyone? Anyone? Bieber?

About the Author

Regina Foster Bartlett is a mother of two teenagers who recently married her soulmate and believes her favorite wedding gift was the addition of four stepchildren and four grandchildren! She’s a confessed tech-nerd who loves all things social media. She’s also a published freelance writer and she’s been blogging since before blogging was cool. She's the voice behind the radio broadcast and writer behind this blog. Always on the lookout for interesting stories she can be reached by emailing: or using the Contact form by clicking the link above.