Dear Fettuccini Alfredo


This blog was originally posted on my Weight Watchers blog but I felt that you here could appreciate it as well. Enjoy!

Dear Fettuccini Alfredo,

You were always my daughter’s favorite. When the rest of the household was happy with marinara she had to have you. Because I love her I would be sure to fill you with her favorite things: shrimp & broccoli. She adored you and she adored me more because of you. Last night, I made you for dinner at her request. She was very happy and we had this lovely feast for dinner.

Then tragedy struck! I went to my WW calculator and built my recipe for you and I was horrified. Although I stayed within my points for the day I could’ve eaten far more food for less points or even something that would have satisfied me more than you could. See, you are my daughter’s favorite, not mine. I don’t hate you but I tolerate you… kind of like a cousin’s mediocre boyfriend… I could take or leave you. Considering your point value for that tiny portion I had, I should have left you.

So, Alfredo, I won’t try to change you to wheat pasta or use butter substitute or whatever else I can do to make you “healthier” because I don’t like you enough to do that. I certainly don’t feel as though I need you either. Let’s just consider this letter our official goodbye. You were good while you lasted. If it’s any consolation you will still be my daughter’s favorite.

It’s been real,

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