Style Week Day 2 – Karen Beebe & Sam Mendoza

Katherine Golden McAndrew & Socialite Amy Patt

Style Week Providence continues today with designs from Karen Beebe of Lucille and Sam Mendoza from his eponymous line of womenswear. The festivities took place in the ballroom of the gorgeous Renaissance Hotel.

Karen Beebe’s line Lucille showed first and I was curious to see her work. Karen runs the Queen of Hearts Boutique in downtown Providence and the woman sitting next to me was actually wearing a Lucille dress and it was beautiful.

The Lucille brand seems to be very fun, very young, and catering to a specialized niche of women. There were cinched ties on the pant legs and shorts and a prevalence of baby doll inspired looks and chic overalls and jumpsuits. My notes were: fun, flirty, and girly.

One of my favorite parts of the show was her custom Lucille t-shirts and L monogram earrings. They definitely added a bit of self love to the show and contributed to weaving her looks together. I also enjoyed the serged edging to some of her pieces notably the light blue and white wrap style dress with red edging. It was my favorite piece of the Lucille line.

But I have to say I kept looking for the style or inspiration of the Lucille dress the woman seated next to me was wearing because of all the pieces I saw yesterday it was my absolute favorite. I’ll be heading back to the Queen of Hearts Boutique, you should too.

After a small break we gathered back in the ballroom for Sam Mendoza’s much anticipated show. I love when I hear of someone who’s making a name for themselves in fashion especially when they have no formal training and Mr. Mendoza’s name has been bounced around me even before Style Week.

The experts (of which I am not) will tell you to hit them with something big for your first number and Sam definitely did that. My only notes were I LOVE IT! But the greatness didn’t end there. The mastery in his collection: exquisite use of fabric, imaginative color combinations that worked very well, and creating something that looks and moves gracefully and simply when it is anything but simple. I loved the unique asymmetrical styles with gorgeous trains that featured a color blocked edge that was nothing short of inspiring.

Sam Mendoza’s collection was very well put together, showcased, and his point of view was on full display. He is definitely another designer on the rise.

Day 2 of Style Week Providence continues to show that Rosanna Ortiz Sinel’s original vision of bringing fashion to Providence to showcase designers, entice buyers, and enhance the city can truly be achieved! The press is in full view covering the events from all angles and publications and even Boston Socialite Amy Patt was there to take in the fashion. Outstanding!

NOTE: People have been asking why I don’t have pictures of the designs on my page and here is why: People who work in the creative arts have a vision and every photograph should showcase that vision. Taking pictures for my references is one thing but the quality/pose may not properly showcase their vision. At this stage of a designers career their vision is key. I’ll provide my opinions but will pass of the photos. But to see the events I would definitely check out Diallo Ferguson’s videos on Facebook. Here’s a link to Style Week Day One.

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