Style Week Day Six – Lahens and Luz

ECC Style designer Jeff Lahens and his beautiful wife at Hotel Providence for Style Week Providence 06/11/2010.
Friday night in the city of Providence is always a busy time and add this incredible mix of designers for Style Week it just upped the ante on what was going on in the city. At this point, there have been some changes to Style Week from outside sources. Since I’ve been there all week, it’s easy to see now that there are some people who are just coming in to finding out how great things have been going. There’s been more news coverage, more local magazines, and more people finding their way to Style Week and it’s impressive.

The press is also clamoring to get a good shot of Maya Luz the now Connecticut resident who made two big splash’s on Lifetime’s Project Runway. Her first splash was her innovative design aesthetic and the second was that she decided to leave the program despite being among the favored to get really far, if not win, in the competition.

Even with all the bright lights and big city attraction,  the first part of the night is all about Jeff Lahens and his menswear collection from his brand ECC Style. I have been waiting for a full line of menswear since Style Week began and ECC Style has a reputation for quality that made my desire to see his collection even more heightened. People always wonder how can you make menswear interesting. For the answer read on!

The first gentleman walked down the runway and I couldn’t believe the craftsmanship in the clothing. Impeccably designed and even better fit with complete looks from the styling, the shoes, and accessories. All done with a careful eye and skilled hands. I loved seeing the innovative spacing of the buttons and use of color and the fabric pattern on the collars and yokes of the shirts.  I was particularly fond of the four button barrel cuffs on some shirts.

When the collection went from shirts and jeans to suits it went from fantastic to absolutely incredible. His suits are truly original! From the use of a shawl collar – usually found on tuxedos – to using leather work on sleeve seams the suits were something totally new, original, and superbly made. He even used ticket pockets on some suit jackets and had gorgeous and quite distinctive silk linings which are a true sign of a superbly made bespoke suit. He also had very innovative vents in his suit jackets where one wasn’t a vent at all but a pleat and it was phenomenal!

There were two other things that were just as impressive with Mr. Lahens’ collection: fit and brand. Fitting women is a challenge but fitting men can be a nearly impossible feat when you are producing fully lined suits. Mr. Lahens showed that he understands how to fit men in a way that every suit looked custom made for each model. As far as brand, he showed a distinct brand identity on the runway with his clever ECC pineapple logo.

Overall, Jeff Lahens showed why ECC  Life & Style is the place to go for unmatched quality in menswear. Just ask Celtic’s coach Doc Rivers, Red Sox player David Ortiz, and more. Check out his work on his website HERE.

Next on the runway was Maya Luz. I expected edgy and I expected innovative style but I got so much more. Her first outfit hit the runway and it was stark white which took me by surprise then I settled in to see that it was beautiful and quite fashion forward.  Super slim pants with a fitted jacket and gorgeous leather belt and topped with an incredible headpiece designed by RI Fashion’s Everett Hoag. The knees to the pants were cut out and it all seemed to work very well and that was just the beginning. The stark white theme continued and a new style of pants were introduced. They had the knees cut out like the original pants on the runway but also had from the entire shin removed but had ties around the entire lower leg with what looked like hosiery material. It was stunning and a future trend that I can see taking off.

The collection went from white to the edgy black that I was expecting and it also did not disappoint. The shin-less pant continued with black leather tie wraps that were also amazing but, for me, the most innovative was not pants at all. She sent down this incredible dress made entirely of leather straps. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw it in the next Lady Gaga video.

In addition to her unique clothing designs, she also did several leather handbags that were incredible. Legendary event planner and fashionista Marilyn Riseman was in attendance clutching one of the bags that went down the runway. My favorite was a small clutch that you didn’t actually clutch because it had a spot for your thumb and wrist so you could actually wear it. I thought of all the times I’ve abandoned my clutch somewhere and how freeing this design would be. Another Maya great accessory!

Maya’s work showed an incredible maturity and innovativeness that makes me (and probably millions more) wonder what could would have happened if she stayed with Project Runway. After a moment’s pause, you see that it’s a non-issue because Maya Luz’s work will rise above that show and have superior staying power. She is at the very beginning of her arc. Check out her work HERE.

Style Week is definitely coming into its own and I’m so glad to be a part of it!

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