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Kate and JJPeters

I wonder if my delay in writing my final review for Style Week Providence was based on the fact that I’m a little sad for it to end. It was an extraordinary week of fashion, fun, and networking that was a wonderful experience for Providence. But, alas, the reviews are ready.

Saturday afternoon was an installation feature of Michael DePaulo’s work which featured a collection of six incredible gowns during the cocktail hour on the rooptop lounge at the Hotel Providence. His work was very well done and the models were styled beautifully. I loved the work but I wondered why he didn’t show on the runway. I definitely wanted to see the way his work moved on the runway as gowns have a distinct movement that can truly amplify an already great design.

There was a distinct change in the air on Saturday night. It seemed like the entire city was in the lobby of the Hotel Providence. Many were there for the entire week and many more were turning out because of the exponential increase in press over the past few days.

The first show on the runway was Providence based designer Jessica Abernethy. Her work was very focused with a central theme of wearable women’s clothing that had a vintage feel. Her silouhettes were distinctly feminine and the dye work on her fabric was amazing. Several dip dye techniques were used throughout her collection.

My favorite piece was a coat with a belt tie that felt like Mary Tyler Moore could have worn in on the Dick Van Dyke show and I could have worn it today and been just as fashionable. That type of timeless wearability is a difficult feat to master. Her pieces were all linked together with ruffle detail that gave a certain cohesion to her work. She stayed true to her vision and her finishing work was incredible. I just wanted one piece that pushed the envelope of her imagination. You can see more of Jessica’s work HERE.

The next collection, Jonathon Joseph Peters, took a much different take on fashion.

The fashion enthusiasts in Rhode Island have been waiting for Jonathan Joseph Peters’ collection since the R.I. native was on Lifetime’s Project Runway a few months ago. Seeing how he can design with limited time or with crazy materials we were waiting to see what he could do with his own creative freedom and a decent amount of time. That answer was easily found before his show since fashion afficianados Kathleen Golden McAndrew and Christina Pierce were both wearing designs by Jonathan Joseph Peters.

It was standing room only in the Hotel Providence and as soon as the lights turned down it was immediately quiet. Then a gorgeously dressed woman walked out and began to sing an Enya tune. She was followed by two young dancers who gracefully moved down the runway. JJP was putting out a performance piece. The crowd was riveted. After the dancers the singer, billed as Emily, returned and gave a more powerful performance that launced the actual show.

His collection was amazing for a few reasons. His pieces were entirely new and were absolutely his point of view. He mixed fantasy with wearability and down to the final piece all were true works of art. He even had the BEST make up on the runway for the week. The models looked amazing.

His womanswear collection was incredible and my favorite pieces were his baby doll dress with one shoulder and cathedral work on the skirt and his final piece which he described as a sculpture piece and I couldn’t agree more. Outstanding work.

He also featured menswear and what I liked was that it was new and inspiring. Some pieces were things that you don’t generally see for men like rompers and lace shorts and I could hear people ask the question, “Would a man wear that?” What I liked was that not every man could wear them or would wear them but he’s taken his fashion there. You never know where trends will come from and it’s a designer’s mission to explore new areas and open our eyes to the possibilities that exist.

Jonathan Joseph Peters did exactly that. He had me at the first sounds of Enya and really took me on a trip and showed me what’s fashionable right now but what may damn well be the standard in the future. Fabulous! Check out more of his legendary style HERE.

So, that’s it. Style Week Providence is over now. The runway gets picked up and the red carpet gets rolled away. Fashionistas from here to Boston go back to regular life. After such an exciting week it’s sad to say goodbye.

Rosanna Ortiz Sinel, miramore communications, and her incredible team of interns, volunteers, sponsors and designers deserve such an incredible round of applause. What started as a vision of bringing a little style to the city of Providence turned into a surprise overnight sensation that I can’t wait to see again.

Aspiring designers start honing your skills and would-be sponsors start saving your money because it looks like the next Style Week Providence is going to be very competitive and just as amazing.

See you next year on the runway!

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