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Getting engaged is amazing. It’s one moment that truly takes  your breath away. Then the planning begins and that will take you breath – and your wallet – away.  I’ve been on a mission to have the wedding that I want without making Jeff and I completely destitute in the process so when I found out about the City Brides event at the Hotel Providence I just had to go. Now, I don’t have any plans on getting married in the city but it can’t hurt to find out what the city of Providence has to offer for weddings.  Jeff also agreed to go and that made me happy since men are all too often left out of wedding planning – by choice or by force – so it will be nice to have our very differing opinions at work.

When we first got there we were met by the ladies who checked us in and another who gave us a Hotel Providence bag to hold all of our goodies! They had gorgeous wedding magazines at the entry as well and I scooped up one right away. They’re normally $7 in the store so I leaped on them like a lion pouncing on a gazelle.  This is the 5th time I’d been at Hotel Providence in the past week and just the venue alone is gorgeous. The hotel is definitely gorgeous four star hotel nestled in downtown Providence. Their restaurant Aspire has amazing food and the service is outstanding. If I were thinking about the city for my wedding it would definitely top the list!

Once we rounded the corner there were other vendors there as well and they each gave us something to think about.  Although there were a ton of vendors in attendance I assembled a list of some that stood out to me.

Photo Booth PlanetPhoto Booth Planet – What a wonderful idea! They have this great photo booth that takes 3 pictures in B&W or color and prints 2 strips. One goes to the person taking the pictures the other goes into a scrapbook that they provide and guests can write messages. We thought it was a terrific idea. They can also take the last frame and customize it. We thought of using it for our engagement party and the last frame could also be our Save the Date cards. Inventive, fun, and really neat. Price? Approximately $1500 and includes unlimited pictures, the scrapbook, set up, breakdown, and travel. Not bad for awesome photos that will last a lifetime.

Blue Hills Brewery – I love a good local company and this microbrewery out of Canton, MA, is definitely a great local company. Brewing beers since 2008, they can even add a customized label on your beers for the big day. We tried several of their brews and my favorite was definitely the Watermelon Wompatuck Wheat. I know, it sounds crazy but it was pretty yummy. Jeff liked the  original Wompatuck Wheat. You can even tour their brewery on Fridays.  Blue Hills Brewery

Sakonnet Vineyards – Located in the beautiful town of Little Compton, RI, Sakonnet Vineyards is a wine lover’s dream and the bride’s fantasy. They have a stunning property and offer weddings of up to 500 people on their impressive grounds. The photo opportunities in the vineyard are vast and they have some pretty incredible wines.

In an upstairs function room there were the cake designers offering tastings of some of their most popular cakes. I was impressed with all three places and will plan on having tastings at all three when it comes time for my wedding.

Sin CakesSin - Jeff loved this cake the best. Their chocolate cake reminded him of his dear Aunt Myrtle’s recipe and he was transported back to the early 70′s. It’s amazing how food can do that! The cake was light and the frosting airy and it did taste heavenly. There were so many more cakes that they offered that I wondered if they could make other cake types with that same light as air feeling. After a big wedding meal a light cake would be wonderful.

Cappuccinos - This Middletown bakery boasted the boldest chocolate cake in the bunch. It was a rich and wonderful chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and a layer of ganache. This cake was definitely speaking my language. Jeff found it a big too rich, as I suspect many diabetics would, but to me it was lovely. What impressed me the most with this bakery was their desire to include as many people as you wanted in your cake decisions. They welcomed critics and loved the challenge of making someone a convert. I like a bakery with a desire to challenge and please.

Toria Dolce – When it came to tastings Toria Dolce came prepared. They offered three different cakes and each were amazing. The lemon cake with passion fruit filling burst in my mouth with flavors that busted out the chocolate of the first two bakeries. It definitely made me want to add them for their ingenuity and serving something so radically different. I kept it to the lemon cake because we’d eaten so much cake at this point that it would have been disastrous to keep trying them and Jeff would’ve needed an insulin shot!

Sweet Indulgence - They were set up with style with a  huge chocolate fountain centerpiece with marshmallows, pineapples, strawberries, and more surrounding it. It was great to look at but after the cakes we couldn’t get into it but on any other day I would have hit that fountain like a freight train. It looked great and I hope I catch them at other bridal events.

There were a ton of other vendors there and we saw some familiar friends from Style Week including photographer Anibal Melo, Rosanna Ortiz Sinel and Carrie Soucy from miramore communications, as well as Ashley Erling, Elizabeth Hopkins, and Ben Hague of the Rhode Show. There was even a fashion show but unfortunately, we couldn’t stay for all it. It was a great event and really gave us a good jumping off point for our wedding.

Tonight on Regina’s Universe we are discussing saving money tips for weddings and an update on Style Week! I’m looking for any money saving tips for tonight’s show!

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