A Visit to Mother Mystic

Apothecary Supplies

A few months ago I interviewed Rev. Mother Susan Asselin of Mother Mystic Natural Magickal Art in Providence, Rhode Island, and I was so fascinated with what she does at her place of business that when I was taking visitors Bryan and Danielle around the city of Providence it seemed only right that I take them to visit her shop in her new location in Federal Hill, Providence.

We walked in and I was amazed. I liked the feel of the place right away and Susan was behind the counter and when I introduced myself she lit up and when she realized that I was with Bryan and Danielle it was like finally putting faces to voices that were before only heard on the internet. One of my main missions in going there was to let her know in person that the distance reiki that she performed on Jeff before the show was incredible. It’s been the ONLY thing that has ever truly helped Jeff’s chronic neuropathy and he’s tried nearly everything.

She thanked me and showed us around her place. It’s filled with tarot cards, treasures, spices, herbs, trinkets, waters and so much more. I was blown away. I could have spent days walking around and reading about all the items there. She was very kind and explained everything! She even took us into the full kitchen where she will be starting apothecary classes and into the reiki room where Jeff longs to visit regularly for his foot pain. It was very impressive.

She showed us where she does readings and it’s also a seminar room where she teaches classes on tapping into your psychic ability,  understanding tarot, meditation and so much more. Here’s more information about Rev. Mother Susan Asselin and some photographs of her place located at 179 Dean Street Providence, RI. If you visit let her know I sent you there!

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