Lord of the Flies in My Backyard

A gorgeous little bird

Thanks to Alfred Hitchcock, I’ve been terrified of birds since the early 1980′s when I caught his frightening piece of movie “magic” on television. Since the scaring incident, I’ve not been a fan of the winged beasts in any capacity. Well, I can tolerate chickens because we raised them when I was a child so I have no fear of chickens as living creatures or the main component in my Willow Tree. All other birds, however, freak me out.

Then I moved from the city of Providence where the main type of bird is what we call City Chicken (aka pigeons) out here to central Rhode Island where everyday there’s a new species of something living in my yard. I decided to try to become one with the little birdies all over the place and I bought a clear bird feeder that has suction cups so I stuck it to the main kitchen window and prepared to take pictures of my new flighty friends.

For weeks nary a feather was near my feeder and I was getting upset. Then one day I came home and there were literally scores of birds around the yard and they scrambled when I got out of the car. I started to take their snubbing of my birdfeeder personally. Then 3 days ago I was in the kitchen and I looked up and there was a small bird eating out of the feeder! I was over joyed. Over the next few days I got the opportunity to sip a cup of coffee and watch nature atwork. It was beautiful. Then I was reminded of the viciousness of nature.

Today, while sitting at the kitchen island watching the birds I noticed a bird eating out of the feeder very aggressively, almostviolently. Another bird would come and try to eat and he would peck at the bird and the poor thing would leave hungry. This happened to several different birds and there was Big Fatty Greedy eating up all the food. I got up and tapped on the glass so he would fly away. I was hoping this would give the other birds a chance to eat.

What happened next was like a scene from Lord of the Flies. It was a battleof epic proportions when Big Fatty Greedy wanted his spot back but the group of birds (now known as the Little Wing Angels) wouldn’t let him. He then kicks it in overdrive and much like Jackie Chan fighting off 6 men, Big Fatty Greedy kicks their butts, reclaims his spot, and then dares the other birds to try to take him. Although he sitting there now – still eating – I have a feeling the other birds are plotting something dastardly. Yes, dastardly.

What I learned today is that:

1. My fear of birds is still alive and kicking and with good reason
2. Not all nature is cute
3. Big Fatty Greedy vs. Little Wing Angels Round 2 is coming to a theater near you… well, a theater near me!

"Are you feeling lucky, Punk?"

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