Style Week January Day Three: Beebe and Vartan

Style Week Day 3 Cocktail Party Sponsored by Rockstar Limo

Oh New England how you torture me! I thought for sure that yesterdays freezing rain and morning micro hail would ruin yesterday’s festivities at Style Week. It seems as though a little weather is nothing for the stilletto wearing fashion brigade attending the Lucilleand Samuel Vartan collections!

I reviewed Karen Beebe’s line Lucille last year and what I remember most was that her line was a bit hurried. It just lacked thefinished quality of some of the other designers. She also had the unfortunate abillity of following Sarah Prost’s Yellow Clover show that was a show stopper. When I spoke to her after the show she mentioned that she had just moved both her home and her shop in the weeks leading up to Style Week and I was shocked that anyone would take on so much right before a huge opportunity like Style Week. When I saw her on the Style Week agenda again I remember thinking that she has a shot at redemption.

Walking into the L’Apogee salon at the Providence Biltmore I instantly saw that Karen Beebe was ready to take on Style Week. She had carefully prepared show lists at the seats complete with order information as well as drawn images of what we’re going to see. When her first model took to the runway I saw the beginning of the redemption that I hoped for.

The Lucille line is flirty and fun with bright colors, short hems, and a little sparkle. The models walked with a bounce in their step and the music carried the soul of the show all the way through. The styling looked like an updated 70′s feel and my favorite outfit of the night was the black and white polka dot dress with the open sleeve detail and white hems. She also had a one of a kind one shouldered navy striped dress that was just amazing.

Samuel Vartan was next to show his highly anticipated Dark City runway show. From the Style Week Providence page: Dark City gets it’s name from the designer’s love of the big, eclectic cities such as Montreal, New York, London, Prague and Berlin which all have a strong underground sub cultures. His past collections featured bright, bold color on simple yet sexy designs. I was very much looking forward to seeing this show.

The tone was set with the two minute intro of monks chanting to a nearly all dark theatre. Oh, the drama! When the lights raised and the models began, it was apparent right away that this was definitely different from his previous collections. Dark City was definitely dark, damn near Gothic, but sexy as hell and stayed true to his minimalist style. I LOVED the Matrix-length trench coats with incredible seam details and his fur piece was gorgeous (although I really wanted to hate the fur).

I was happy to see that the weather didn’t ruin a great night of fashion! Thanks to Daniel Gagnon for taking some amazing pictures and letting me hook it up for you here! Check out his Style Week Galleries HERE. Were you at the cocktail party? Pictures will be uploaded this afternoon. I will see you at this afternoon’s Accessory Showcase and at tonight’s American Heart Association’s Go Red Challenge!

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