Style Week Providence Day 1

rosann ortiz sinel

Today was the kick off for Style Week Providence and it was amazing. Founder,Rosanna Ortiz Sinel, has put nine hard months into this project and it was very evident from the layout, the caliber of the designers, and the sponsors.

Karen Sabag had the first runway show and I was expecting great pieces from her because she’s going to be THE wedding designer and even won the Kleinfeld-FIT award in 2007, while she was still an undergrad at FIT. She was featuring her ready to wear collection and she has a very unique design aesthetic. You could tell in her ready to wear pieces that her home is wedding couture. It showed in her elegant use of seams, the careful detailing of the sleeves and accents, the delicate and ornate hair pieces and the beadwork that was surprising and extraordinary. Her show was modeled after Mona Lisa and her mission was to show women with strange beauty and strength and her mission was accomplished. It was an excellent show and definitely kicked Ms. Sabag to the top of the list for my wedding dress.

Selah D’or by David Chum was the next show and he put a very tall order on himself since he was featuring work from both spring and fall. The first part of his collection came out and it featured hues of pale pink with incredible detailing, very unique hair design, and the models carrying red balloons. The work was stunning and featured a strong shoulder made with seaming the fabric as opposed to (gasp) shoulder pads and it was impressive. It gave the looks a very otherworldly design. After a minor delay the next pieces came out and it was like going from sunshine to night. The models stomped down the runway in mostly black ensembles with high ponytails and featured incredible detailing, some military styling, and even chain detail. He used some incredible sheer silk and exposed black zippers to create wonderful silhouettes that truly transformed my idea of the cocktail dress. He really did take new leaps and stride by taking something we all know and put his own spin on it. I was in instant love of the capelet, hooded cape, and all the sleeve details. The show may have had some technical issues but the fashion was incredible… and I was there for the fashion. Keep Selah D’or on your radar!

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