Style Week Day Three – Catalina De La Torre, Sarah Prost, and madeMOIselle

Founder Rosanna Ortiz Sinel and designer Sarah Prost

Style Week Providence continued last night, June 8th, at the Renaissance Hotel Ballroom featuring the work of jewelry and accessory designer Catalina De La Torre, Yellow Clover by Sarah Elizabeth, and madeMOIselle by Regine DeSarmes.

The first show was actually an installation by jewelry and accessory designer Catalina De La Torre. When I interviewed Style Week Founder Rosanna Ortiz Sinel about this show she explained why they decided to have an installation at Style Week. She said,  ”It’s a nod to the 30′s because during the depression you couldn’t have a fashion show so designers would hire women to wear their clothes and walk around in busy restaurants.”

It was a natural fit to have an installation for jewelry and it was beautifully handled. The models came out and were standing on low staging under lights that really allowed them to showcase the jewelry. What was even better was when the Style Week staffers walked around the room and invited people to get closer and really take a look at the jewelry. That was really good because at first I think people were a little afraid to get close to the models. The jewelry was amazing. She featured incredible necklaces with strong and bold jewels and metals as well as fun earrings. My favorite pieces were the gold bracelet cuffs and the extraordinary leather belts. As I walked around the room it was nice to hear so many people say, “Oooh, I want that.” I have some Catalina De La Torre jewelry in my future as well. Check out her work here.

For the runway, Yellow Clover show was first and highly anticipated because the word on the street was that designer Sarah Prost used all menswear materials in her line for women. The lights dimmed, the 50′s music began to play, and when the first piece came down the runway I knew that we were in for an unbelievable show.

The use of the menswear materials were truly transformed into feminine clothing with incredible fit and taste. She used vintage tie material in the most inventive and imaginative ways and opted for covered or pearl buttons on most of her clothes which poses a challenge for fit and all of her pieces had incredible fit on the models. She was not a loss for detail in her work either. She showed stunning skill with placing buttons on the sides of her shorts which completely speaks to her skill and competence as a designer.

The biggest moment for the Yellow Clover line came when her black and white gown hit the runway. It was jaw-dropping and amazing and was met with thunderous applause. It was the first on runway applause at Style Week and much deserved.  She truly did take vintage men’s material and reworked our view of menswear into something gorgeous, feminine, wearable, and totally her point of view. Truly a brilliant show and a tough act to follow.

That tough task was given to designer Regine DeSarmes for madeMOIselle. I loved the soul of her line and I could see where it was  headed. She designs for women who aren’t afraid of forging their own path and didn’t win the Most Traditional superlative in high school. I loved her broad collar designs and use of pink sequins on a sheath dress as well as on Lady Gaga inspired high waisted shorts. Her fearless trend continued with modified tutus that showed a lot of leg and tops that exposed even more back. Her designs scream high self-esteem.

The issue with madeMOIselle was that the line struggled with finishing elements like hems and closures. With buyers in the audience this could have been THE MOMENT to truly showcase your work for sale and with missing finishing work it could have impeded that progress. In seeing her work on the madeMOIselle Facebook page you could see that she doesn’t normally struggle with the details. I hope the buyers could see past the issues with fit and finish and look to the soul of the line and Ms. DeSarmes unique and fearless point of view.

The shows were attended by many including William George of the James Joseph Salons and Everett Hoag of RI Fashion. Check out my pictures of Style Week Providence HERE. Check out Sarah Prost’s interview on the Rhode Show HERE.

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