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I am so impressed with people who take the initiative to run and maintain their own business – especially in this economy. To show my respect for these hard working business men and women I will be focusing a new business each Thursday from any corner of the world. If you have a business that you would like to have featured please email me: regina(at)reginasuniverse(dot)com!


Today’s Featured Business – RR Fitness & Nutrition

Owner – Rob Foster, Certified Personal Trainer
Website –
Facebook Page – RR Fitness & Nutrition
Facebook Group – Mind Over Matter
Location – Providence, RI USA

About Rob – Rob Foster is a Certified Personal Trainer and Herbalife Independent Distributor in the Providence, Rhode Island, area with a passion for creating healthy bodies. A competitive athlete for more than 20 years, Rob brings his experience in exercise, fitness, and sports into his Boot Camp style routines. He’s also taking the next step in his career by completing certification to be a Group Fitness Instructor. Once completed he will take his  challenging and effective workouts to the Osaka Dojo & Personal Development Center in Johnston, RI. Rob is the father of 5 children and understands the value of a dollar. His classes and personal training sessions boast a phenomenal success rate as well as very budget conscious since he feels that finances should not interfere with health.

Services – Wellness Evaluations, Personal Training, Group Fitness Training, Corporate Training, Nutritional Counseling, Herbalife Sales & Distribution

Favorite Workout – Boot Camp! From his website: “Boot camp workouts are a great way to get fit, lose fat, and have fun. They’re incredibly popular because they focus on full body fitness and address all areas of fitness including cardio and muscular endurance, fat loss and weight loss, full body strength, agility, balance, flexibility, periodization, and most importantly they get results. Another reason boot camp workouts are so awesome is they make getting fit fun and having fun with your workout is just as important as burning fat and getting stronger.”

Brotherly Love – Rob is my brother and it’s been a wonderful experience to watch him grow and develop into a sought after Personal Trainer with an impressive clientèle and incredible results. His business started out as a way for him to stay in shape and has evolved into a way to assist his friends with their fitness goals and now he’s branching out into helping hundreds of men and women be the healthiest they could be.

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