Dain Heer and Infinite Potential


Last night I interviewed Dr. Dain Heer on the show and it was extraordinary. I first encountered Dain on Facebook through mutual friends and I noticed he always had very uplifting and thought-provoking posts. Then Oprah happened and that changed everything.

Dain submitted a video for the Oprah Winfrey OWN contest where viewers could create short videos to be considered for a show on the her new network. Dain’s video was incredible… but I was still longing to understand what he was doing and how but I knew I needed to have him on the show. Take a look at the video HERE.

Last night he really put together what he does and how he does it. The media player to the right has the show and it was truly one of the best shows in the Regina’s Universe history of nearly 3 years and 300 shows!

One of the best parts of the show – which was more like a free mini workshop – was an exercise that he gave us about how to start to truly change your life. I will be seriously taking a look at my life, especially the areas where I feel stuck, and I will be using this format.

1. List the 3 biggest things in your life that you could change.

2. What is it going to take for that change to occur?

3. What am I refusing to lose if I had this change?

4. If I had this change occur how would my BE different or FEEL differently?

5. If I led the life that I truly desired what would that feel like?

By “feel like” he spoke of taking a moment to experience the feelings of waking up with expectant joy. Like the feeling of having enough money now and knowing that more money is on the way, the feeling of knowing you have solid people around you that contribute positively to your life, and that you can see there are limitless possibilities and opportunities and you know you can have them.

I really am going to take a look at the things in my life that I want to change and try to utilize the tools that he so graciously gave us and see if I can truly make the changes in my life and finally try to really feel and understand “expectant joy.”

Powerful words, incredible interview, and a new view of the possibilities and potential all around us.

Will you answer the 5 questions?

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