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Beaches and Backroads

I am so impressed with people who take the initiative to run and maintain their own business – especially in this economy. To show my respect for these hard working business men and women I will be focusing a new business each Thursday from any corner of the world. If you have a business that you would like to have featured please email me: regina(at)reginasuniverse(dot)com!

Owner – Erin Diaz
Website –
Facebook Group – Beaches and Backroads
Location – 4A Fairview Ave Hope Valley RI
Contact: 401. 491.9890 office & 401.862.9492 cell

About Erin: After working for several other real estate agencies Erin took the leap to opening her own business in the toughest economy in decades. Using her 30 years knowledge of the area and her love of all beaches and country backroads, Erin focuses her business on those unique properties found in her area. She has a keen eye for property and a candid and honest approach to both her buyers and sellers that has helped her business grow to tremendous levels.  She firmly believes that real estate isn’t as much a “business” as it is a “lifestyle” and she certainly has the lifestyle she loves.

Services:Beaches and Backroads is a full service realty and works with both buyers and sellers and can even assist with relocations and those looking for rental property.

Website: Her website has everything you need to check out her business. From current listings to Zillow Home Value Statistics, you can find what you need. Take a moment to check out her Testimonials page since you can read for yourself what wonderful things the people that Erin has represented have to say about her and her business.

A History with Erin: When I met Erin I thought she was wonderful. She pointed out the great selling points of the house we were looking at as well as the things that may not work with our family dynamic along with suggestions of how to make those issues work. I appreciated that she wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows just trying to sell a property. She was trying to sell us the right property and that is incredible. After we got to talking I realized that not only did we grow up in the same area but went to the same schools.  Already knowing her family was great but her business acumen speaks for itself and Beaches & Backroads Realty has already become a local staple!

If you live in the area or want to definitely contact Erin and find the house that works perfectly for you.

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