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I am so impressed with people who take the initiative to run and maintain their own business – especially in this economy. To show my respect for these hard working business men and women I will be focusing a new business each Thursday from any corner of the world. If you have a business that you would like to have featured please email me: regina(at)reginasuniverse(dot)com!

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I was fortunate enough to interview the owner of Peak Alternative via email and I was so impressed with his company that I’m detailing our interview here. In bold are my questions and his answers follow. Enjoy!

Tell me about Peak AlternativeIn this day and age of struggling economies on both individual and business levels and where there is a worldwide push towards a “greener” planet; our company offers a complementary solution. Efficient cost effective burners that can heat in the winter and cool in the summer through recycling waste oils of any kind. They can burn anything from crankcase oil to paraffin while producing a warm clean comfortable environment. We offer a creative solutions for creative situations.

What kinds of services does Peak provide? Peak Alternative provides heaters, boilers, burners & air conditioners that use alternative fuels for a combustion source.  The fuels used are as varied as waste motor oil, vegetable oil, fish oil, tallow, paraffin, solvents, home heating oil (#2, 4, and 6) jet fuels, and synthetics. Achieving proper sizing is an important component of our process. We don’t offer cookie cutter answers. When considering one of our products, we brainstorm with customers to ensure proper fit for today and into the future. Retrofitting an existing boiler and/or heat exchanger is also available.

What made you come up with your business? With energy cost rising and the increased demand for new fuel sources, we felt that there was a need for an efficient and effective burner used with alternative fuels.

What makes your business unique? No hard sell. We contact only those people who send their information into us. We educate customers on our products as well as the associated technology. “Being there after the sale” is not a cliché for us. We routinely contact our existing customers on a regular basis to see how well they’re doing. We will answer any questions or address any concerns that they may have.

What else should we know about your products? The product speaks for itself. It has exceeded government expectations for emissions. Burners are being used at a candle manufacturers, painting companies, fish processing plants & fishing vessels, maple sugar producers, pet food manufacturers, automotive and truck repair facilities, restaurants, government waste disposal facilities, schools, houses of worship, mining sites, bus and municipal repair depots and the list goes on and on. In some cases, the return on the client’s investment has been less than a single heating season. Using our products can help you going green or getting off the grid.

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