Mosque in Manhattan


Living in Rhode Island we are taught about our history’s role in religious freedom. Roger Williams, founder of Providence, was a preacher from London whose personal beliefs on freedom of worship were so out of standard he thought it best to leave England to avoid religious persecution. He arrived in the Massachussetts Bay Colony ten years after the Pilgrims arrived but the problem with his controversial beliefs followed him. He preached in Salem and Plymouth where his preaching left the Puritans to want to try to deport him back to England.

Roger Williams fled the Massachusetts Bay Colony and went southwest where he befriended Native Americans on what is now the Narragansett Bay. He left England for freedom of worship and came to America where he was met with the same stonghold on that very freedom. He was a leader and a pioneer of religious freedom and the separation of church and state.

It is this very freedom that makes it so hard for me to understand why we can protest a mosque or Islamic Center in Manhattan. We have the freedom to exercise our religioius beliefs in this country. The proximity to Ground Zero is of no consequence in this argument because believing that its location a few blocks from the former World Trade Center makes it in poor form means that we can hold against an entire religious community the acts of a militant few.

I can no sooner blame every member of the Nation of Islam for September 11th as I could blame every single German national for World War II’s atrocities to the Jewish, Gay, and Gypsy communities. It just doesn’t make sense to me. There’s a German Embassy and a German Consulate in Israel... did anyone protest?

There have been so many negative blogs, Facebook posts, and more about this topic that it makes me wonder: What do you think about a Mosque in Manhattan?

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