A Miracle Weighs Exactly 3 lbs 3oz

Zachary Allan Faughn aka NINJA 030

Some people don’t believe in modern miracles but I definitely do. 365 days ago I totally witnessed one.

On Sunday September 13, 2009, Jeff and I had a bunch of people over for dinner. This motley crew consisted of both sets of our parents and most of our children including Jeff’s daughter Samantha who was just around 7 months along. She had a due date of November 22 but she was barely showing and everyone thought that she seemed a bit unwell… but pregnancy has a way of doing that to women. It can be a tough road.

On Wednesday, September 16th, Samantha called me and said that she was moved from her regular check up to the hospital for a follow up visit but she was sure everything would be fine. At 5am she texted me that she was still there and she was scared. I packed up and went to be with her. This was the very beginning of what would become the longest road Samantha ever took.

Turns out her blood oxygen levels were dropping drastically and they went into full preparation in the event they would have to deliver the baby early. Poor Sam was looking more worse for wear with every passing test but they couldn’t really understand. I knew it was going to be something when they took her into Labor and Delivery and I heard a team of doctors and nurses having a heated debate in the hallway. The problem was that if they delivered the baby to early the baby could die but if they waited too long they could lose Samantha.

I’m sure it wasn’t intended to hear that but the hardest thing I had to do was go downstairs and tell her parents – including the man that I love – that their little girl was in crisis and that they are acting as quickly and as responsibly as they can. Her boyfriend Zach and I held vigil at her bedside and he was incredible. Despite how she was feeling or what was happening I knew that when Samantha looked at him she felt a sense of calm even though he was freaking out on the inside.

By Saturday at 4pm, Samantha was finally as ready as she could to deliver her baby. Since he was in utero Jeff and I referred to him as Ninja and he came into this world with a bang. Weighing only 3lbs 3oz he rocketed out, screamed like hell and peed. I knew from that moment on that he would be okay even if the doctors weren’t sure. But delivering Zach Jr. was only the beginning for Samantha. She continued to crash in the delivery room. She was able to hold him for just a fleeting moment before they had to whisk him away for testing and she ended up in surgery.

By the time all was said and done Samantha didn’t get to touch her newborn until Tuesday and she had had 2 surgeries and had only eaten a half a pancake that was given very illegally by the sweetest nurse alive. Ninja stayed in the NICU for 51 long days before he could come home. And when he came home mother and baby were both doing well. Miraculous.

The other day Samatha fell down the stairs so I took little Ninja (nee Lil’ Zach) for a couple of days. Just looking at him play and hearing his hysterical belly laugh while he explores every corner of everything was just amazing. He’s come so far in these 365 days.

Jeff likes to say that on September 19, 2009, the world got 3lbs 3oz heavier and I like to say that we are all better people from being lucky enough to be a part of it. Take a look at this modern miracle!

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