Is There Still Racism? Yes!

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Yesterday on Facebook one of my friends was having a tough time dealing with how working families always seem to have it harder when it comes to needing assistance. It seems like it’s always those who are trying to do for themselves get screwed but those who do nothing get catered by social services.

I totally understand how that feels. I remember making $12.00 with two small children living alone and being told I made way too much money for any type of assistance. Yet it cost me nearly half my salary for day care and once that was paid I was making less money than my staff but I could get nothing. It made everything so difficult.

One woman wrote “not to sound nasty,but if your any race besides white u will get it in illinois! its pathetic! be a druggy,baby popper,teen,etccc..u will get it easily! pisses me off!”

I was stunned. Really? One need only be non-white and you can get assistance from social services? I apparently never got the memo to move to Illinois for the free welfare solely for being black!  I started to write a thousand different things and deleted them all. I didn’t want to cause a fight on my friend’s page.

All day I thought about that comment. It was like it seeped into my skin and then it hit my subconscious. I swear I had a dream about that comment. It wasn’t even what she wrote that bothered me since she’s entitled to her opinion, but my concern was that I did nothing to defend myself, my race, my position. I couldn’t let it go.

When I woke up this morning I knew that I had to right the situation in my mind. I had to do something… but I didn’t want to sound combative or start anything negative but I needed to be heard. I immediately went to Google and searched for percentage of welfare recipients by race in Illinois and posted my results:

From the Illinois Department of Human Services – This report examined the racial/ethnic and foreign-born status of recipients of welfare programs managed by the state of Illinois. Selected findings of the report include:

Racial/Ethnic Analysis

• African Americans form the largest number of welfare recipients, at 745,237, followed by 724,267 Whites and 345,685 Latinos.

There it was in black and white… pun graphically intended. There are plenty of white people on the public assistance docket in Illinois, but everyone already knows that. I really needed her to know that, to see it and hopefully recant her foolish statement. I posted it on my friend’s wall and waited.

What she posted next she cowardly deleted but I got the email notification. I will share it here:

“im not even going to go there! i see what i see regardless of statistics! im talking more about the people that abuse the system! they collect a check and go get there nails done,there hair did,pick up a dime bag while rolling in their caddies! pop out babies just to be on welfare and then bitch ,bitch,bitch about everythingggg! “

This took me back to one afternoon in 1998, when I ran to the bank to get a money order for my rent and I was coming from work. I was in a business suit, heels and I looked quite professional. When I asked the bank teller for the money order she said that if I showed her my welfare card she could waive the money order fee.

Some people will only see whatever they want to see. They will hold on to whatever narrow view they have of the world despite what could plainly change it.  How sad…

How do you see the world?

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