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Bethenny Frankel

Reality stars come and go like the ebb and flow of the tides. They get their 15 minutes in a blaze of Big Brother glory, or one truly Amazing Race, or their eternal search for the Flavor of Love. They get the celebrity, the bloggers going crazy and paid for appearances. And then just as suddenly as they arrived into our collective favor, they disappear back into their “real” lives. They get the occasional “Don’t I know you?” in the grocery store but then we never hear from them again… unless they are married, arrested, sued, or killed.

It takes something to go from reality to star to legitimate star. It takes even more to take your 15 minutes of fame and parlay it into something of substance, something with staying power, something truly memorable.

I think that’s why I really like Bethenny Frankel. She started out doing bit parts on television and then when on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. She didn’t win… but do you remember who did? She took her moment of second place glory and capitalized on her fame. If you ask someone about her I don’t even think they’d even mention The Apprentice.

Bethenny’s really made a name for herself and she’s done it in a positive way. Not too many reality stars have done that. How many people remember that The Doctor’s Travis Stork was a Bachelor? He took his moment in the sun and did something positive. Even Elizabeth Hasselbeck – as much as I’m not a fan – is most widely known for being on The View and not for being on Survivor.

I think it was a risk for Bethenny to go on a show like The Real Housewives of New York. She could have been portrayed in many ways but she ended up being the Queen of the One Liner, the sole voice of reason, and the voice of women in their late thirties who are just now finding themselves, their true love, and beginning a family. She’s created more than just a moment on a show… she’s started a revolution… a Skinnygirl Revolution!

when I found out that Bethenny was taking her tour to Providence and with VIP tickets I could meet her I knew I had to go.I want to hear about her crazy childhood, the really messed up relationship with her parents, the fear of commitment, and the celebrity. I want to know how she got to where she is despite all she’s had going on in her life.

I truly hope she’s the same way that I’ve seen on television. I’m ready for some Bethenny-isms!

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